The Story Behind Toronto Popcorn Company


Toronto Popcorn Company is a family business started by a young family who followed their dreams and came to Canada in 2011 from the Philippines.

We started from humble beginnings in 2013, travelling to festivals around Ontario offering homemade popcorn from an old-fashioned popcorn maker.

Toronto Popcorn Company about

Today, we have a flagship Toronto Popcorn Company store in the heart of the city at Kensington Market.

Our menu has grown over the years along with our business and we now offer close to 100 unique and gourmet popcorn flavours. These flavours reflect the cultural diversity of our beloved city and our love for Canada. We are committed to serving irresistible products, but we also believe that:

Nothing is too weird or strange for popcorn!

Our passion is to highlight Canadian corn at its very best and give each kernel the attention it deserves. We hand-make the best quality popcorn using the finest ingredients, which we source locally as much as possible. Well-popped, well-seasoned, and always made and packaged in small batches for ultimate freshness.

We hope you love our popcorn as much as we enjoy making it.

Joseph and Caramhel Villegas, founders of Toronto Popcorn Company

Toronto Popcorn Company about
Caramhel Villegas drizzles chocolate onto caramel popcorn at the Kensington Market store she co-owns with husband Joseph Villegas. (Photo by ANNE-MARIE JACKSON / TORONTO STAR)

Press Reviews

Some of the flavour profiles are surprisingly realistic—like the pizza popcorn, which is convincingly cheesy and has a great oregano bite.

Toronto Life Toronto Popcorn Company Review

So it’s all made fresh. And that is the way it tastes. Crisp, each kernel snaps under tooth and is fluffy, light and ethereal. The flavours — each and every one — taste true. The apple pie hints of granny smiths. The maple bacon is smoky, the sweet chili is tart and spicy, and the pizza smacks of oregano.

The Toronto connection mostly ends at the name but the company still pays homage to the city’s vibrant food scene through steak BBQ, taco, pizza, and bacon cheddar flavours (always with the bacon, Toronto).

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They (Toronto Popcorn Company) caught the eye of Toronto International Film Festival sponsor RBC, which ordered 12,000 bags of popcorn over four days to hand out to TIFF attendees.

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